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School Routine Choreography

The Cheer Consultants choreograph school routines to meet AACCA guidelines and the abilities of the team. Innovative choreography to maximize the scoresheet and the individual talents of the team.


Prices do NOT include Travel Expenses or Music

$1800/ Multiple Team Discount Available

College Routine Choreography

Full Year Round revision consultation on Scoring and Changes

Innovative choreograohy to meet AACCA guidelines and abilities of the team to maximize the scoresheet.


Prices do NOT include Travel Expenses or Music

$2000  Full Routine Choreography



Build Your Own Camp Experience


Build your own Summer Camp! Design a Summer Camp to meet your team/program's needs! Individualized and custom summer camp material. Emphasizing and instructing technique, setting a strong foundation to build your team and program, From building basics to creative entries and dismounts with innovative skills will take your team to the next level. Innovative and high energy side line cheer material for game day. 

Prices do NOT include Travel Expenses or Music

$10 Per Athlete Per Hour Plus Travel

Section Choreography

For those programs who want to emphasize a section of the routine, The Cheer Consultants can WOW the crowd with innovative Stunts, Pyramid or Transitional Section Choreography. The Cheer Consultants will strengthen and elaborate on your skills to increase the creativity and showmanship.


Prices do NOT include Travel Expenses or Music

$600 Per Section

$1000 for 2 Sections



Cheer Dance Choreography

Let The Cheer Consultants complete your routine with an innovative dance that empahsizes and elaborates your team’s skills. Allow our staff to choreograph intricate movements that will emphasize your showmanship and performance on the mat. 


Prices do NOT include Travel Expenses or Music

$100 Per  8-Count

$600 Maximum

Add Custom Music to your package​
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