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New Gym/Program Start Up

New gyms start up or programs looking for direction, our consultative services will direct your business plan from idea to opening. Our consultative services will ACCelerate your vision by walking you through the steps of planning to ACComplish the opening your cheer gym.

  • How to Start your Business from Idea to Opening

  • Staff

  • Equipment

  • Operations

Operations Management

Program directors looking to evaluate current programs and gym usage to maximize staff and facility, our services will evaluate either the entire program or the parts of your program you wish to improve

and expand. Allow us to ACCentuate the positives of your program allowing you to ACCquire

the results you desire.

  • How to Maximize your Potential

  • Gym Design

  • Program Schedule

  • Evaluations

  • Management and Staff


Cheer Gym Management  

Gym owners who are wanting to maximize their investment to find areas that can generate more revenue, allow us to evaluate your business plan and setting to gain a better return on your investment. Our consultative services will provide you with the ACCountability needed to maximize your return and ACComplish your goals.

  • Maximizing your Profit

    • Rentals

    • Marketing

    • Employee Handbooks and Procedures

    • Staff Training 

Consultation Prices

Assessments $250

Projects $250-$750

Hourly $75

These prices DO NOT include travel expenses

Not all services require on site visits, to be discussed with your consultant

Contact us for your evaluation directing you to the correct services needed to ACComplish your goals!

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