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The Only Onsite Monthly Consulting Service in the Cheer Industry


Our personalized and individualized consulting service addresses the needs of your program. We assist in designing a monthly program that allows us to strengthen your program, coaches and athletes. Following an evaluation of your program, we work on increasing your profit margin with overall operations and gym management. Monthly, our consultants will work with the staff and coaches to increase productivity and product in the gym, setting a standard to improve the overall brand. Focusing on the success of the athlete through technique training, progressions and designing productive practices will maximize results of each team. Monthly guest coaching along with coaches training sessions will reinforce progressions and proper technique with all skills.

Continued support during the season on scoring, technique and routine execution will be provided as needed. Monthly consulting is and individualized program focused on all aspects of your program. Inquire for more details and various packages. 

Creating Solutions for your Success


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